”Добрите момичета си имат дневници. Лошите момичета нямат време. Аз просто искам да живея живот, който ще запомня. Дори и да не го опиша.”

Оne Тree Hill

сряда, декември 31, 2014

Unplayed love

There's this tune i play
in the nights i hardly sleep in
a melody of love that makes me feel you near
the notes are hardly music
but a feeling
a little light that only you and me can hear

The calmness when you sleep
It makes me tear up sometimes
And hope
For better or for worse
That you will always be my life

And when I need you
You're always there
With your open arms to catch me when I fall
When the dreams I'm reaching for decide to turn to dust
And put me back down on the ground

Day and night I play this tune
I only hope it overcomes the noise between us both
So you can hear all my love

The sound of down on my window pane romanticises all these words
But there's nothing like your kiss to send me peacefully between the space and earth.

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