”Добрите момичета си имат дневници. Лошите момичета нямат време. Аз просто искам да живея живот, който ще запомня. Дори и да не го опиша.”

Оne Тree Hill

сряда, декември 31, 2014

Where it belongs

The way you look at me is magic
The way it makes me feel is tragic
Life a hundred butterflies around me flutter
And as if there's noone else around

It scares me sometimes
I cannot lie
Because the person I am
you can see right through my eye

My soul has given you the grand permision
The golden key to all the rooms and hidden spots
You can enter, stay, and go just as you please
They say it's dangerous but somehow I'm at ease

The clocks are stopping
Their hands are twitching so uncharacteristically slow
On the contrary
My hand
In yours
Is warm and calm
Just where it belongs.

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