”Добрите момичета си имат дневници. Лошите момичета нямат време. Аз просто искам да живея живот, който ще запомня. Дори и да не го опиша.”

Оne Тree Hill

неделя, март 22, 2015

Drabbles about hope

take a step
take a bow
the stage is awaiting
i'm breathing in now

my fingers wrap around the mic
my mouth is suddenly dry
the music is starting
what now?

fear, don't grab me
destiny, await my glow
the song that i'm singing
will be remembered i know

there is hope all around me
even in some indifferent eyes
but if i'm me i can show you
the light that shines in my soul

the words flow so smoothly
and there i am - doing it now
the music and i become one
can you believe it? I can.

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