”Добрите момичета си имат дневници. Лошите момичета нямат време. Аз просто искам да живея живот, който ще запомня. Дори и да не го опиша.”

Оne Тree Hill

неделя, март 22, 2015


i can do so much more
So much beter
but why does this fear
paralize all my limbs

the glory awaits me
as soon as i try
the path that awaits me
will be covered in light

don't tell me i'm good
I know i can do better
the masterpiece i can be
you can't even imagine

i'm destined for greatness
don't look me like that
we both now i can do it
not only in words but in fact

now i'm getting past my fear
my mouth is suddenly dry
don't doubt it, my dear
i'll do it - don't tell me goodbye

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